Dear visitor,
In this part of myreefguide, I look for help from coral reef enthousiast like myself, and marine biologists who can help me to identify certain specimen.
Some already have a name, but because I am not 100% sure, I added them in this list. If you have the knowledge and willing to help me to identify these specimen, please contact me via
All help will be more than welcome.
Thanks to the following people for helping me to identify certain species:: dr. Rob W.M. van Soest, Nicole de Voogd, Tinneke Smit, Johny Leffelaer (R.I.P.), Erwin Koehler, Shahnawaz Gul, Siglinde Müller, Frederic Ducarme, Lindsay Warren.

1 1_tunicate_weh 2 blue 3Koan
5 Clavelina
6 IMG_9224_weh
7 Haliclona-auletta sp
8 Gorgonia 2
9 Hydroid_alor11 1coral_cebu 121coral_hemispherical_Ngrs13 1coral_mlbl_1
14 Cypraea sp.
17 1P1010193 Mlbl 18 1coral_mlbl_2 19 1Coral-22_Mlbl20 1Coral-25-Mlbl 22 1coral-Mlbl 24 1IMG_2795_mlbl 251Leptoseris_mlbl 27 1Oculina_mlbl128 1Spong_16_Mlbl29 1Sponge_1_Nusa-lembongan30 1Sponge_2_Nusa-penida31 1Sponge_4_tlmbn32 1Sponge_8_Tlmbn33 1Sponge_16_tlmbn35 1Sponge_alor_236 1Sponge_alor37 1Sponge_lmbh38 1Sponge_mlbl139 1Sponge_ngrs40 1Sponge_weh_241 1sponge_weh42 1Sponge-3-Tlmbn43 1Sponge-5_tlmbn44 1Sponge-5-Tlmbn45 1Sponge-10-Tlmbn
46 1coral_aquarium48tunicate_alor49 sponge_bali50sponge_bali_202051 shell_alor52seastar_alor531tunicate_bali_1541Sponge_lmbh1